The Importance of Keywords

Written by Daniel Motes. Posted in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword ImportanceThinking of building a new website or having one built for you? Build it around keywords. Keywords are the search text put into the search engines to find information on the web. Your whole site should be optimized for keywords. Every time you sit in front of your computer to add any content to your site, weather it be blogs or home page content, you should have your list of keywords in front of you so that you can incorporate the keywords or keyword phrases to best optimize for SEO. Essentially, you would want to make a master keyword list to hold on to.

Most people find the short tailed keywords very temping to use but in all actuality, these words are also the most competitive. These keywords would be like “Lawyer” or “Bankruptcy Lawyer”. The word “Lawyer” gets about 50,000 searches per month locally (locally meaning nationally) and the word “Bankruptcy Lawyer” gets about 4,500 searches per month. This is a lot of searches but also they are both very competitive words to go after. I always advise people to go after some long tailed keyword phrases because they are a lot less competitive. These would be phrases like “Bankruptcy Lawyer Atlanta”. This gets the ball rolling and starts to bring in traffic and then as your time or budget increases you can start to go after some more competitive keywords which would be your short tailed words.

If you think about it, unless you do business nationally, you wouldn’t want to rank for some of the more competitive keywords anyways. These words may get you traffic but who wants to use a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Atlanta if they search “Bankruptcy Lawyer” and are in Colorado.

Keywords and phrases are a very essential part of SEO so remember to do your keyword research. This is the first thing to do when kicking off a new campaign.