How Is Twitter Beneficial for my Business or Organization?

Written by Cam Wade. Posted in SMM (Social Media Marketing/Management)

Twitter is by far the fastest and largest growing marketing tool that is available around the globe, plus it is free for any individual or business to use. There are many benefits for businesses to useSocial Media Marketing Twitter, the social media giant that enables all to connect with not only existing customers, but potential ones too. The stats have come in, and astounding to many, more than one million accounts are created on Twitter daily. While many people assumed that the 140 character ‘Tweet’ was doomed to fail because of its short message, they were dead wrong. More powerful and efficient than ever imagined, the tiny message delivery system has gotten more interaction, engagement, and results than ever expected.

Building Name & Brand Awareness
Twitter is so fast and easy to get set up and get going, that any person or business can be sending out ‘Tweets’ within just a couple of minutes. Remember that your Tweet must be 140 characters or less, including spaces. For professional reasons, you should not resort to teenage slang, such as OMG or LOL, unless they are being used for creative impact. The more you use Twitter and grow your followers and fan base, the more your brand name and brand awareness will grow. This is the goal many businesses want to reach; for their name or brand to be mentioned and others automatically know who or what they are referring to.
Product and Service Promotion

Once you are able to get your followers up in the numbers on Twitter, you should take full advantage of the social media marketing platform you have at your disposal to share and release vital information and promotions on the services and products you are offering. Doing so will not only raise interest among followers, but will get people talking about your products and services as their curiosity is peaked. Using Twitter for promotional reasons will give business owners the capability to increase profits if they are able to close the deal.

Raise Support or Awareness

If you need to build up a lot of followers fast, then Twitter is going to be the best choice for your social media platform. You can take any cause, organizational need, fundraiser, or promotion and immediately begin to increase the awareness about it. Be diligent and frequent with your posts, making sure to correspond with friends, followers, consumers, and clients any important news or pertinent messages. Getting your followers to ‘Retweet’ will be very successful and the quickest in spreading the word to raise awareness or support for your cause or other need.

Cam Wade

Cam Wade is co-founder of Atlanta SEO Hub, LLC. Mr. Wade has worked as a Freelance web designer for the last three years and also has experience in Search Engine Optimization as well as Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management. Cam received a degree in business from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. Mr. Wade has been inolved in a number of projects involving internet maketing and has marketed quite a few affiliate products online including health and wellness products like Hemrid where he worked for Mr. Motes and which soon led to the opening of Atlanta SEO Hub.